Diploma Programmes

1.    Department of Business Administration

·          Diploma in Business Administration

·          Diploma in Business Management

·          Diploma in Human Resource Management 

·          Diploma in Project Management

·          Diploma in Purchase and Supply

·          Diploma in Sales and Marketing

·          Diploma in Public Relations Management

5.    Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences

·          Diploma in Medical Laboratory

6.    Department of Clinical Medicine 

·          Diploma in Clinical Medicine

·          Diploma in Oral Health and Community Dentistry

7.    School Of Education and Social Sciences 

·          Diploma in Education and Counseling 

·          Diploma in Crime Management 

2.    Department of Hospitality and Tourism

·          Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism Management

 8.    Department of Theology, Religious Studies and Counselling

·          Diploma in Counseling

·          Diploma in Theology

3.    School Of Medicine And Health Sciences

·           Diploma in Medical Education

 9.    School Of Science & Technology 

·          Diploma in Horticulture

·          Diploma in Animal Health

4.    Department of Pharmacy 

·          Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology 

 10.  Department of Computer Science & Business Information

·          Diploma in Information Science

·          Diploma in Computer Information Systems

 ·       Diploma in Business Information Technology


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