Research Proposals

Research proposals funded by KeMU

Faculty of Science & Technology

  • Dominic Sammy Kiogora, Prof Ellis Njoka. Exploration of heavy metal and pesticide pollution status in the ruminant food chain in the Lake Victoria Basin on the Basis of Biophysical and Anthropogenic factors.
  • William Bariu Ncene, Mworia Mugambi Alternative biotechnology treatments for increased utilization of common beans (P. Vulgaris) by broilers
  • Prof. E. M. Njoka, Prof, P. A. Kamau, Dr. R. K. Wanjogu, P. K. Kuria Diversification of Farming Enterprises in the irrigated schemes of Kenya for Poverty alleviation
  • Prof. D. R. Muchiri, Dr. S. T. Kariuki, Prof. P. A. Kamau, Mr. K. Maina Field evaluation of naturally occurring mosquito repellents
  • Prof. N. J Kathuri, J. M. Ng`ang`a, Nicholas Murithi, Elizabeth Njagi Application and Deployment of information and communication technology in agri-business in marginalized rural Tharaka

Faculty of Computing & Informatics

  • Dr. Salesio M. Kiura, Mr. J. M. Mbogholi, P. Ontunya, L, Mwenda e-Health Readiness Assessment of Health Facilities in Nairobi and Embu counties
  • Salome Mathangani, W. Thairu, G. Serede, J. Omari, E. M. Gitau Research on the creating of digital content for schools in Kenya
  • Ronald Wanyonyi, Jenu John, Nicholas Riungu, Timothy Anondo Assessment of e-readiness in secondary schools within Imenti- North District
  • Adrian K. Njenga, P. Ontunya, G. Mwangi Pedagogical integration of ICT in Kenyan Universities: towards an improved approach

School of Medicine & Health Sciences

  • Prof. Kofi, Dr. Rukunga, Mr. Nthuribi, Dr. Ndege, Dr. Sang Proposal for the sustainable use of the Meru Gitooro Forest Adjoining KeMU premises
  • Dr. Sang, H. Kibebe, M. Mulinge, D. Kagendo, Cyrus W. Ndegwa A study of Phlebotomine sandflies and leishmaniasis in Eastern Kenya Highlands
  • Prof. Alice Mutungi, Dr. Sang, P. Mutharia, P. K. Ndege, T. Nanjama, A. Wamachi, J. Mwamisi The process of control and prevention of malaria and other vector borne infectious diseases in lower Nithi and Tharaka District, Kenya
  • P. K. Ndege, A. Mutungi, J. Magambo, D. Claw A survey of health determinants in Meru County