Bachelor of Arts in Counseling


Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in counseling programme aims at training students to become competent counselors who can play participatory role in the society. The programme aims at equipping learners with relevant knowledge and skills in order to adequately address the challenges and counseling needs facing individuals and communities. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in counseling will help to alienate such social problems by equipping learners with the required counseling competence, knowledge and skills.

Credit transfers

A course taken in another accredited university or college in the relevant field of counseling programme may be considered for credit transfer provided that the candidate attained a grade of C or above in that course and it is acceptable to the department and faculty board/

A student may not transfer more than half of the total credit required for graduation. Practicum credit hours taken in another institution do not qualify for credit transfers

Courses used to meet an ordinary certificate requirement are not transferable to satisfy degree credit requirements

Academic regulations for the Bachelor of Arts (B.A) counseling

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