Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry


The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry curriculum seeks to address the need for specialized skills in disease diagnosis, crime detection and pharmaceutical industry. This program is designed for students who intend to pursue careers in research institutions, medical laboratories, food and beverages and quality assurance industries, academia, pharmaceutical companies, forensic investigations, nutritional counseling and self-employment in a biochemical/biotechnology entrepreneurship.

Program Objectives

By the end of the four years of training, the learners should be able to;

  • Acquire appropriate skills and competence to work in various careers such as pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, Agriculture or biotechnology industries as well as in regulatory agencies in government, NGOs and health.
  • Be equipped with the skills they need to contribute to the many advances being made in medicine for both human and animals, as well as in genetic engineering, biotechnology and agriculture.
  • Equip those who have an interest in biochemistry as well as business have an opportunity to enter the business world as managers with a firm grasp of the science or technology of the companies for whom they will work after combining business-oriented degrees.
  • Pursue either a Master's or a PhD degree in biochemistry at the graduate level of study.

Career Opportunities

Forensic Science, Pharmaceutical Division, Food Industries, NGOs, higher education and many more

Admission Requirements

  • At least a C+ (plus) in KCSE and the following grades in the subjects listed below at KSCE or its equivalent: Biology/Biological Sciences B (plain), Chemistry/Physical Sciences B (plain), Mathematics or Physics C+ (plus) OR
  • KACE with a principal pass in Biology and Chemistry, and a subsidiary pass in Mathematics or Physics OR
  • Be a holder of a Diploma with at least a credit pass in Biochemistry, Science Laboratory, Animal Health, Agriculture, Medical Laboratory Technology or Pharmaceutical Sciences or Applied Biology from a recognized institution by the University and at least a C plain in KCSE.

Duration of Study

The degree course is a 4 year programme leading to the award of a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry having 144 credit hours. However, since the programme is conducted through a trimester system, the programme will take a minimum duration of four (4) academic years or nine (9) Semesters for a full-time student and four (5) academic years or twelve (12) Semester for a part-time student. The maximum period allowed is six (6) academic years or eighteen (18) Semester for a full-time student and eight (8) academic years or twenty four (24) Semester for a part-time student.

Mode of Study

  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Distance Learning