Bachelor of Theology

The Bachelor of Theology programme aims at equipping students with theological and pastoral competence in order to meet the spiritual needs of the society in a changing environment, both in the church and the world at large.

Objectives of the Programme

The curriculum is designed to produce effective pastors, chaplains, preachers, lay leaders and trainers who are capable of interpreting the Biblical message so as to meet the spiritual needs of communities both in the rural and urban environments.

The programme further seeks to enable graduates to think of themselves, to be creative, adventurous, and visionary, as they take up pastoral and ministerial responsibilities in various sectors of the society. This programme gives a broad training in all areas of theological, psychological, and sociological knowledge, and in the practical skills of communication, Church management, pastoral care, preaching and evangelism.

Programme Structure

Current options for concentrations are: Applied Theology, and African Religious Studies. Students may also take a minor in either of the two concentrations. A minimum of 160 credit hours is needed for graduation.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the University entrance requirements, applicants must have obtained at least a C in KCSE or its equivalent qualification in English, in order to be allowed to pursue a Bachelor of Theology degree.

Duration of Study

Full-time student expected to complete the programme in three years. DLM students are expected to complete  in 3-4 years.

Mode of Study

    Full Time (Meru & Nairobi Campuses)
    Part Time (Meru & Nairobi Campuses)
    Distance Learning (Meru & Nairobi Campuses)