Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBCHB)

Philosophy of Programme

The MBCHB programme was launched in the school of Medicine and Medical sciences (SMHS) which has been functioning since 2004. The school of medicine and health sciences comprises of the departments of nursing, clinical medicine, surgery and community health, medical laboratories sciences, health systems management and medical education; pharmacy, nutrition and dietetics and public health.
School of medicine and health sciences is guided by the philosophical foundations in design and delivery of academic programmes. These foundations are consistent with those of the university which includes innovative approaches in planning and development and implementation of academic programmes with timely guidance, counseling and mentoring of staff and students, the use of appropriate technology in design, delivery and review of academic programmes which are focused on community service, facilitation of community empowerment, promotion of fairness and natural justice and maintenance of good neighborliness with the community.
The school of Medicine and Health sciences believes in integration of continuing professional development and multi-profession education programme for students and staff while ensuring while ensuring that there is inculcation and development of lifelong learning skills and competences. There is a participatory-oriented approach in teaching, research and outreach programmes and service which are characterized by principles of leadership that catalyze policy development and good corporate governance.
Sustained quality assurance and standards for need –based and demand-driven academic programmes with regard and respect to human rights and gender sensitivity is the hallmark of School of Medicine and health sciences governance. The school embraces commitment to participation in social responsibility and environmental improvement for sustained development where mutual partnerships in academic research and community programmes and activities are fostered. Finally, the school endeavors to remain committed to research for creation and application of knowledge for human development.

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