Bachelor of Education - Primary Option - BEd

Philosophy of the programme

The programmes philosophy is to produce a wholesome individual who is spiritually ,intellectually and physically developed in order to use the opportunities  available for the development of basic education and enhancement of the quality of life.

Goals of the Programme

The main goal of the programme is to produce graduates with knowledge, skills and competence to competently  teach in primary schools and primary teacher training colleges in the following subject clusters;

    a)Language education

    b)Social studies

    c)Agriculture and Science

    d)Mathematics and science

Every trainee teacher is expected to register in on of the above teaching subject clusters.

Learning outcomes

Upon completion of Bachelor of Education (Primary option) programme should be able to

     1)Effectively teach in primary Schools or primary teachers training colleges

     2)Effectively manage primary schools and other related educational institutions

     3)Address emerging issues in primary schools and primary teaching training colleges

     4)Provide leadership in the development and implementation of primary education programmes

     5)Improve the standards of education in primaryor primary teachers training institutes

     6)Carry out relevant research in basic education programmes

Mode of delivery of programme

The mode of study for the primary option programme is School Based.