Master of Science in Health Systems Management


The purpose of the programme is tho build the capacity of Human Resources in Health Systems Management and Leadership in Africa. The programme is customised for managers and executives in the health care institutions. The program provides a broad view of issues and challenges in health care and health systems management in Africa, and examines the possible and viable solution of addressing these challenges competitively and in a sustainable manner. The programme seeks to build a knowledge base on health systems design and management from an African perspective, while scaling up the best practices for improvement of quality of lives and populations.




The graduate will be able to :

  • Demonstrate an understanding of theory and practice of healthcare management and leadership from a developing and developed country's perspective.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the challenges and issues in the management of healthcare systems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to apple management theory and practice in the management o healthcare systems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to become a change agent, leader, and an advocate for well performing health systems with an aim to improve the health of individuals, families and communities.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use research and evidence-based decision-making for effective and efficient management of healthcare systems.
  • Acquire and pursue reflective thinking skills that strengthen continuous professional and personal development in healthcare management and leadeship.

Programme Rationale

  • The need for appropriately trained health workers.
  • The need for the implementation of strategic plans in the health service sectors.
  • To address the current challenges in health.
  • To increase the training opportunities for Health Workers.
  • The need for Health Management Training Courses.
  • To address community perspectives of health systems.


Learning Outcomes

  • Improved interpersonal and communication skills.
  • A scientiic foundation of Healthcare systems.
  • A knowledge of population health and health systems.
  • Leadership and management skills.
  • Management of health information.
  • Creative thinking and research skills.

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