Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership & Management

Duration and Structure of the Programme
The following are the requirements for students in relation to Graduation;

  1. The PhD programme will be offered in three (3) academic years and a maximum of five (5) academic years from the date of admission to candidacy.
  2. All students shall be required to enroll for a minimum of 9 credit hours and a maximum of 12 credit hours per trimester.
  3. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 will be required to continue in the programme.
  4. Upon successful completion of the coursework, the candidate will be required to attend proposal writing and data analysis seminars prior to writing their thesis.
  5. All students will be required to complete a total of 66 credit hours of which 36 credit hours will be course work, 6 credit hours will be for seminars and 24 credit hours will be for proposal and thesis writing.

Philosophy of the Programme
The Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Management programme seeks to produce informed scholars of high integrity, who have critical and practical application of knowledge to issues related to educational leadership and research.

Rationale of the Programme
Institutions of higher education and public schools in Kenya and the world over are facing unprecedented challenges that need to be counteracted by fostering effective leadership. Educational institutions are deteriorating in developing moral and ethical values that promote a humane society which is the backbone of quality education. Technological advancements in the world today are presenting an unequivocal challenge in the education systems. There is need to establish a more devolved education system and government as stipulated in the current constitution which has brought a challenge of ensuring effective leadership from the national level to the 47 counties. Besides there is a high demand for quality PhD programmes as a result of the expansion of university education in Kenya. Due to the expansion witnessed in the public and private universities in Kenya, there are many graduates with master’s degree in education and other related fields who would like to pursue doctoral degree in the educational leadership and management. Many universities have some of the lecturers without PhDs and the up-coming universities also need lecturers with PhDs to teach and conduct research. Therefore, doctoral degree in educational leadership and management is of paramount importance in the country today to promote the necessary leadership skills, competencies, and values needed to steer education institutions, the private sector, NGO’s and other government agencies in Kenya and internationally.
This programme is instrumental in developing various leadership competencies and enhancing students’ leadership potential and personal growth.

Justification of the need for the programme
The PhD programme focuses on training quality outstanding scholars and leaders in the education sector nationally and internationally. The increased expansion and change in Kenyan education system, requires transformational leaders in education who have the right competencies to spearhead the nation’s greatest resource: The human resource. By offering this doctoral programme, the university is availing the leadership skills that today’s educators and professionals need to transform the nation to attain the MDGs and Vision 2030. The Educational Leadership and Management PhD programme is a practice-based degree designed to equip students with a deep understanding of learning and teaching as well as management and leadership necessary to reshape the current education sector. Research clearly shows that no school improvement effort can succeed without effective leadership, and such leadership is needed at all levels-national, county, district, and school. The doctoral degree will draw on the skills we have learnt on leader preparation over the decade and we hope to attract promising future leaders in this innovative programme.

Goal of the Programme
The goal of the proposed PhD programme in Educational Leadership and Management is to develop and enhance competencies of teaching, research, and servant leadership in the field of education and prepare students for careers in academia, research and transformative educational leaders and managers needed in the 21st century.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme
In line with the above goal the following are the expected learning outcomes of the programme. By the end of the programme the learner should be able to;

  1. Articulate theories on education leadership and management
  2. Conduct critical analysis of research studies to determine technical adequacy and their implication for research in educational leadership.
  3. Apply appropriate methodologies in research to address educational issues at the national and international levels.
  4. Provide leadership in institutions of learning, international organization and government of Kenya.
  5. Collaborate and consult with a network of educational leaders to support intellectual, professional and career development.

Mode of Delivery of the Programme

The Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Management will be offered through coursework and thesis and will be taken on full-time and part-time basis.

University Admission Requirements for the PhD Programme
For admission into the programme, a candidate must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  1. Be a holder of a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management from a recognized institution with a minimum GPA of 3.00 or its equivalent. Or
  2. An equivalent qualification approved by the Commission for University Education.