Diploma in Information Science

Information is key to organizational and business success. In Kenya and in the world as a whole the provision of timely and accurate information has become an important management function in decision making, preparation of action plans and control activities.  Organizations are faced by an accelerated rate of change, a more complex environment and increasing uncertainty. They therefore require proper information in order to be successful in the competitive world markets.

Access to up-to-date information through online retrieval enhances the emerging digital firm in E-Commerce, E-Business etc.
Contemporary issues like the development of digital villages, Human Rights, Millennium Development Goals and related strategies all depend on the way information is organized, acquired and applied.

The DIPLOMA IN INFORMATION SCIENCE program is designed to meet the market demand in training information specialist who will be equipped with knowledge and skills to manage libraries information centers and information resources in a changing environment that is fast embracing the use of information Technology.

Programme’s Expected Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Diploma in Information Science programme, the student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate competence, required skills and expertise in critically managing various types of information in libraries, information centers, and other information institutions and organizations.
  2. Demonstrate competence in the use and application of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in handling information.
  3. Build on acquired concepts and progress to higher levels of study in their fields of specialization.
  4. Construct and develop an awareness strategy for the need of dissemination and transfer of information in all sectors of the economy and development.

Admission requirements:

This is in accordance with the University regulations for admission to a certificate programme.
The minimum academic entry for this diploma program is grade C plain, or C- with a Diploma from recognized institution, or equivalent qualifications. All applications are considered individually. Applications with other formal prior qualifications may be accepted into the program if these are approved by the University Senate. Those who successfully complete the program will get direct admission to the BSIS (Bachelor of Science in Information Science) program offered by the University.

Duration of Study
The programme is structured to take four trimesters or two academic years including practicum/ industrial attachment.