Diploma in Peace and Conflict


This is  two year course leading to the award of Diploma in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building. Peace and conflict study is a multi disciplinary field of study that cuts across a variety of social sciences such as political science, religion, cultural studies, criminal studies, history, and sociology, among others. The field of study examines conflicts ranging from the interpersonal to the international, aiming at understanding the causes and consequences of violence and seeking to critically evaluating a range of solutions to the various conflicts. The curriculum in this programme will cover a range of theories of peace and conflict and conflict analysis models designed to encourage students to reflect on the challenges of conflict and possibilities of peace in a world of complex and escalating conflicts and violence.

Objectives of the Program

The curriculum is designed to produce effective peace educators from various sectors such as non-governmental organization personnel, career peace activists, religious leaders, pastors, community leaders, government officers and other professionals who will stimulate the virtue of peace and cooperation among peoples and help to lessen obstacles and threats to peace and progress at every level of community, both local and international. In particular, the program seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Develop a strong foundation in peace and conflict studies through the examination of several theoretical approaches to the study of peace and violence
  • Promote the culture of understanding, tolerance and peaceful coexistence, among all the inhabitants of the earth.
  • Examine conflict analysis, dynamics, prevention, resolution, management and transformation at any level and in any sector of society.
  • Develop an awareness of the complex and interconnected nature of the challenges to peace-building
  • Critically engage with key contested concepts relevant to the area of peace and conflict studies
  • Analyze the social impact of conflict so as to understand the effects of conflict on individuals and community
  • Identify implementable methods for the alleviation of these effects, and the rehabilitation of affected individuals and communities.

This diploma programme will further function as bridge for further academic progress to the bachelor’s degree level in Conflict resolution and peace building. The long term goal is to transform KeMU into a regional and global centre for peace studies and research.

Mode of Study

  • Full Time/ Distance Learning (Meru & Nairobi Campus

Minimum Requirements

  • K.C.S.E C (plain) or equivalent qualification or a C- (minus) with a Certificate