Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Journalism

About the Programme

The Bachelor of Arts in Communication & Journalism studies is designed to produce journalists and communication experts equipped with modern communication techniques, tools, and skills that will enhance their capacity to participate and compete effectively in the media industry, locally and internationally.

The course prepares students to work in varied media settings and includes instruction in behavioral aspects of human communication and the role of communication both in culture and society in general. It encompasses an integrated curricular structure leading to professionally oriented concentrations in the final trimester. Students, however, take courses across the gamut of communication and journalism.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the Programme

On completion of this programme, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Write, present radio, television and film scripts
  2. Develop, manage and disseminate information effectively
  3. Gather, process and disseminate information for print media
  4. Develop, package and disseminate information for electronic media
  5. Manage and Provide leadership in the Media Industry.

Mode of Delivery of the Programme

  • Full Time
  • Part Time


  1. Communication (Public Relations, Advertising, Documentary production, Marketing Research)
  2. Journalism (Print and Electronic Media)

Minimum Admission Requirements

KCSE C+ (or equivalent examination) certificate with a minimum of C in English


KACE certificate with a minimum of two principal passes, two subsidiaries and a minimum of a credit pass in English at KCE

Be a holder of diploma in communication and journalism from an institution recognized by the university senate, and those with credit pass or distinction may be admitted in the second year of study.