Online Studies in Kenya Methodist University

Digital Campus at Kenya Methodist University was introduced one year ago to compliment online studies in Kenya, offering different disciplines in four different schools namely The School of Education and Social Sciences, Science and Technology, Health Sciences and Business and Economics.

The Kenya Methodist University Digital Campus is a modern State-of-Art virtual model, perfected to bring unparalleled academic experience at your convenience. The objective, as envisioned in the words of the Vice Chancellor, is "To bring higher education to your fingertips", to this effect KeMU have worked hard to develop the best digital learning platform based on technology, highest educational standards, policies, procedures, personnel and content.

This sets a new paradigm shift in the way distance learning mode has been operating in the university. This was a second launch after the KU digital campus was launched a while ago. Online studies in Kenya seems to be the new “classroom” that is not limited to the four walls but rather a universal class room. Students under the online studies platform apply, report and access their lectures and lecturers through the digital campus site. The lecturers have a space to chat, guide and give assessments tests to students as well evaluate, check for plagiarism and mark the tests. This breaks the bureaucracies of physically locating a lecturer in the university.

Most eligible students that have busy schedules opt for online studies in Kenya Methodist University because of the convenience and effective response team that caters for their needs. Students from the digital campus are able to access a rich array of programmes consisting of high quality content. Kenya Methodist University allows an individual to not only proceedwith development in their respective career but they also encourage and support the individual to develop their intellectual realm. “Education at your fingertips” is a concept that has been positively embraced by many young and mature professionals.

Mahatma Ghandi told us “Live as if you were to die tomorrow but read as if you were to live forever” KeMU offersthe space to quench this insatiable thirst for knowledge and thus in line with the country’s vision 2030.

Indeed distance learning has disrupted the learning sphere and given students higher power on their time management, improved research space and quality of education that they receive. The demand for high standards in education is matched by KeMU’s online studies design that is geared at producing the “intellectual” individual in our society.

The concept of online studies in Kenya which has thus been developed by the Kenya Methodist University indeed puts a stamp on their motto, “The future is here.”