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Kenya Methodist University is happy to welcome Dr. Mukamusoni Dariya the Vice Chancellor of Kibogora Polytechnic. Kibogora Polytechnic is in the Western Province of Rwanda, on the shores of beautiful Lake Kivu and espouses the same Methodist values that are the cornerstone of KEMU’s own teaching philosophy. Dr.  Dariya was given a tour of our various schools; The School of Business and Economics, The School of Medicine & Health Sciences, The School of Education and Social Sciences and the School of Science and Technology by Deputy Vice Chancellor Dr. Mary Kinoti, Dr. Wanja Tenambergen acting principal and C.O.D Health Systems Management and Assistant University chaplain Mr. Rev Manyara. The purpose of the visit is to discuss the possibility of a partnership between Kenya Methodist University and Kibogora Polytechnic in the fields of; Medicine, Health Sciences, Education, Theology and Business. We look forward to building a long-lasting and fruitful relationship between our two institutions.


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