Maua Center


Maua Campus is 52km North of Meru Town (Main Campus). It is situated in Maua Methodist Hospital Sacco Plaza, adjacent to Maua Methodist Hospital. It is on the eastern slopes of Nyambene Hills characterized with a cool breeze. It is in a very good catchment for Northern Kenya.

The Campus occupies the ground floor (customer care desk) and 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of MMH Sacco Plaza. It has an ultra modern computer lab that accommodates 25 students each with his/her own computer during lectures, with full internet facility.

The Campus has a well spacious and stocked library covering wide range of academic disciplines Eg. Education, Business Administration, Nursing, Clinical Medicine, Business Information Technology and Information Science.

It has provisions (electric sockets) for laptop users as well as full wireless internet connectivity.   The Campus is well grounded in teaching, research as well as involvement in community service and student welfare.

The Campus offers programmes approved by the Commission for University Education including:-

  1. Masters in Business Administration
  2. Masters in Educational Leadership and Management
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration
  4. Bachelor of Education (SNE, ECED, Arts, Science options)
  5. Bachelor of Information Science
  6. Bachelor of Arts in Counseling
  7. Diploma in Education
  8. Diploma in Business Administration
  9. Diploma in Information Science

Due to high academic demand by the working class, the campus offer ODLM services to KeMU students registered in other campuses. The services include clearance and sitting for trimester exams at the centre.

The campus offers other short courses including:-

  1. Certificate in Kenya Sign Language (KSL)
  2. Certificate in Information Technology (IT)
  3. Certificate in Kenya Sign Language (Interpretation)
  4. Soon introducing certificate in Medical Lab. Technology

KeMU Maua Campus has/is collaborating with various stakeholders w.e.f 2013.

In December 2013 – The Campus held first end of year get-together party that involved:-

  1. Representatives of Business Community (Kenya National Chamber of Commerce in Maua)
  2. Pastors Fellowship (Organization of various denominational churches in Maua)
  3. Bishop and Clergy – MCK Nyambene Synod
  4. Administrator and staff of Maua Methodist Hospital
  5. Principal and staff of Maua Methodist Hospital Nursing School
  6. Corporate Organizations (Equity, Cooperative, Barclays, National, Consolidated Banks. Sacccos – MMH Sacco, Nyambene, Arimi Sacco.
  7. Kenya National Union of Teachers and Kuppet
  8. Ministry of Education (DEO’s from Igembe and Tigania)
  9. Provincial Administration in Igembe South (DC, DO and Chiefs)

Occasion was graced by Prof. B. Keere, the then Dean of Faculty of Education and Social Sciences.

NB: There is close collaboration with all the above including Maua Town County Administrator and Sub-county Social Services officer – Maua.

Personnel at the Centre

  1. Desderio Njeru Muchiri – Coordinator
    • PhD candidate - KeMU
    • Masters in Special Education (Manchester University)
    • Bachelor of Education in Counseling (KeMU)
    • Diploma in Special Education (KISE)
  2. Betty Gatwiri Kirimi
    • Public Relations officer
    • Ag. Exams Officer (EO)
    • Administrative Officer (AO)
    • Ag. Financial Officer
    • Pursuing Diploma in Business Administration
  3. Titus Kimathi
    • Ass. Librarian
    • Incharge of Student registration and clearance (Trimester units ) online
    • Liaison officer with Records Office in Main Campus
    • Pursuing Bachelors Degree in Information Science
  1. Alice Nyoroka
    • A.O. – Incharge of Marketing and student recruitment
    • Pursing Bachelors Degree in Business Administration