Kenya Methodist University is duly accredited by the Government of Kenya through the Commission for University Education (CUE). The accreditation journey and status for the University can be summarized as follows;

June 28th, 1997: The University received a Letter of Interim Authority from the Commission for Higher Education (CHE), the predecessor to the Commission for University Education, after rigorous inspection visits by the Commission. The Letter of Interim Authority is the first accreditation step for private Universities in Kenya.

28th June 2006: The University was awarded a Charter by H.E. Mwai Kibaki, CGH, MP, the then President and Commander in Chief of the Defense Forces of the Republic of Kenya. The colourful Charter Award Ceremony was held at the Graduation Square, Main Campus, Meru. Award of Charter is the highest form of accreditation a private University can receive from the Government of Kenya and it symbolises a recognition of the quality assurance systems and processes that the University has set up. However, all Chartered private Universities are expected to undergo a statutory re-inspection, every five (5) years after the award of Charter.

24th January 2013: The University was awarded a Certificate of Re-Inspection. This is a Certificate awarded to Chartered private Universities after successful conclusion of the statutory re-inspection. Kenya Methodist University was successfully re-inspected by the Commission for Higher Education in the latter part of the year 2011 and is due for another re-inspection visit in the year 2016.