Vision, Mission, Philosophy & Objectives

The University is dedicated to the furtherance of the Christian Faith and promotion of the required activities for the restoration of relationship between human beings and God the Creator. It strives to apply it's Christian principles and practical evangelism in all it's endeavors.


The University's Philosophy is to foster the intellectual, spiritual and physical development of the wholesome individual in order to recognize and utilize the available opportunities for enhancement of human development with the appropriate recognition and respect for other creations.


The Vision of the University is: "To be a world class Christian University raising a generation of professionals and transformational leaders.".


The Mission of the University is: "To contribute to the transformation of our society by providing high quality education that promotes excellence in scholarship, research and selfless service to the community".


The University's mission is achieved through the following objectives- :

  • To provide quality training through provision of scholarship, advancement of knowledge through research and development of specialized activities in the University;
  • To produce effective graduates with the appropriate practical and specialized skills, attitudes and values required for personal growth and advancement of responsible citizens in the global environment;
  • To participate in community service through provision of continuing education, conduction of research, participation in external services, provision of specialist consultative or referral services, facilitation of community empowerment, promotion of fairness and natural justice and maintenance of good neighborliness with the community.