2nd Annual Farmers Field Day

Date: 18 - 19th September, 2015
Theme: "Unleashing Meru County Potential Through Technology for Commercialized Farming”


About the Farmers Day

One of Kenya Methodist University’s Objectives is to participate in Community Service through provision of continuing education, conduct research, participation in external services, provision of specialist consultative or referral services, facilitation of Community Empowerment, promotion of fairness and natural justice and maintenance of good neighborliness with the community.

The Department of Agriculture of Kenya Methodist University is mandated to train transformational leaders who are well grounded in areas of Rural Development, Market Analysis, Agribusiness advisory, Agricultural Economics, Agri-financing and Community Development. To achieve this, the department manages the University Farm which is expected to become model farm used for University demonstrations and training.

Since 2014, KeMU has opened the gates of the KeMU Farm to the farmers in Meru County for an annual event called KeMU Farmers’ Day. Toward this end, KeMU has collaborated with over 100 national and international stakeholders who are key players and development agencies to create a platform to showcase advances in agricultural technologies and market opportunities for farmers in Meru County. The event aims at unleashing the County potential through technology for commercialized farming.

Goals and Objectives of KeMU Farmers Day

  1. Create market opportunities for small scale farmers by linking them with potential markets within and outside Meru County.
  2. To facilitate development of strategic business partnerships between input suppliers, business service providers and small scale farmers for economic growth of Meru County.
  3. To leverage on technology for increased agricultural productivity and incomes for small holder farmers.
  4. To integrate women and youth along mainstream value chains for commercialized agriculture.

Some agricultural challenges that the Farmer day will address include:

  1. Post harvest losses
  2. Low productivity
  3. Low investment in Agriculture
  4. Use of inappropriate farming technologies
  5. Poor market linkages
  6. Low levels of value additions
  7. Poor linkages between farmers and business service providers (Banks, insurance, inputs suppliers…)

importantParticipants and Targeted Areas

KeMU Sports: Mens Basketball

Mens BasketballThe KeMU Nairobi Campus Basketball Team has received a scholarship from the Kenya Zuku Basketball Scholarship Award.

As per the award, the scholarship will go towards a deserving student who will be playing basketball.

The university is proud of the achievement of the Basketball Team and continues to strive towards creating an environment that not...

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Journalism Students Visit Rwanda

 Journalism Top StoryIn late June, 2015, five students and one lecturer,  from the Department of Communication and Journalism (Faculty of Education, Arts and Sciences) at Kenya Methodist University, visited Rwanda as part of the prize for winning the First African Edition of Top Story Investigative University Challenge 2014 competition which was held  between 16th – 18th October, 2014 in Nakuru, Kenya. Thirteen private and public universities participated in the competition that was organized by AfricaonAir,  a Nairobi based Media Consultancy firm.

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Dr. Burmi Olayisade

Dr. Burmi OlayisadeKenya Methodist University was visited by Dr. Burmi Olayisade, who is the Partnership Co-ordinator for Africa at the World Church Relationships Office (WCR) of the Methodist Church of Great Britain. The visit was to discuss the opportunity for the transfer of 38, 000 theological books to KeMU from the recently closed  Wesley College in Bristol, UK.

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Nairobi Campus Closes for Obama Visit

Due to the arrival of the President of United States (PoTUS), Mr. Barack Obama, Nairobi Campus shall remain closed from Friday 24th July to Sunday 26th July, 2015.

This is mainly because of the extensive security measures as well as the  closure of major highways and roads in and around Nairobi, which will cause major traffic and transportation problems in the City.  The Campus shall reopen on Monday, 27th July 2015. All classes (both day and evening) will not take place. In addition, offices will also remain closed throughout the same period
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15th Graduation Ceremony

Front Panel 2Kenya Methodist University held ’s 15th Graduation Ceremony on the Graduation Square at the Main Campus, in Meru County.

The Guest Speaker of the event was the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, His Excellency, Honorouble  William S. Ruto. During the ceremony, the Deputy President gave an encouraging and motivational address, in which he challenged the graduands to always take an optimistic view of life and to stay away from pessimism.

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KeMU Graduation

Kenya Methodist University will be holding its 15th annual graduation ceremony at its main campus in Meru on July 18th 2015.Front Panel

Like the previous graduation ceremonies, the event promises to be festive and full of excitement. The annual event will see thousands of friends and families come from all corners of the country to witness and celebrate the academic achievement of their loved ones, and will leave with fond memories of their time at the university.

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