KeMU Campuses and Satellite Centres

In 2005/06 the University embarked on re-engineering of Academic Programmes to rationalize all its programmes to meet market and customer needs. The University nurtures an entrepreneurial culture and therefore thrives to look for opportunities in parts of the market that have not been fully explored. It is in this regard that campuses have been opened in Nairobi, Mombasa Nakuru, Nyeri and Kisii to increase access to higher education in those regions. This has given an opportunity to many students to access higher education at different entry points.

The Centres operate on a ‘niche strategy’ which enables us to offer unique, specialized and highly marketable programmes. We have gained early leadership and popularity in some of these programmes and we have to maintain this position. We identify a market for what the product does considering all customers and exploiting demographic changes. We never stop asking “what is our business?” For this reason, we endeavor to prune unjustifiable programmes and activities, set goals to improve productivity, manage growth and develop our employees. Our main focus remains excellence, quality products and services.