Department of Pure and Applied Sciences

Pure and Applied Sciences Students in Lab
The department of Pure and Applied Sciences aims at promoting the discovery and application of scientific knowledge in a manner that prepares the students to contribute effectively, intellectually and ethically as citizens of a dynamic scientific community. Students trained in the department find placement in bio-medical research institutions, environmental and health institutions, financial institutions, academic institutions, civil engineering and many more. They can also find suitable jobs in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical industries, educational institutions and as technical sales representatives besides self-employment.


The department started modestly with only two students in 1999 and was then known as the Department of Science and Technology. Science and Technology are considered prerequisites to development. By 2010 the department had grown to the size of a faculty (Science and Technology) leading to the creation of other departments where Pure and Applied Sciences is one of them.

Academic Programmes

Other proposed programmes:

  • MSc. in Chemistry
  • BSc. in Environmental Science and Management (Environmental Science Option; Environmental Studies and Business)
  • BSc. in Microbiology and Biotechnology (Industrial Chemistry; Biotechnology)
  • BSc. (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology)