School of Science and Technology

Welcome to the School of Science and Technology at Kenya Methodist University (KeMU).  In the faculty we continuously strive to achieve our mission by  contributing to the transformation of our society through excellent Information and Technology management teaching, research and engagement with the industry. We have pride in offering academic programs that relate to the dynamic and changing needs of graduates in our society today and for the future.

Having been established in 2011, the faculty has achieved tremendous accomplishments and particularly our graduates who are senior practitioners in the industry both as entrepreneurs and also serving in blue chip companies. We also have managed to establish thrilling partnerships that have made our work resonate with the international academia, government and industry stakeholders, this has made us proud.

Over and above the degree certifications expected of any university, the faculty also has entered into collaborations with professional certifications bodies so that the graduate will get professional qualifications as well. The highly market sought certification that we offer include:

  • CCNA
  • MTA-Microsoft Technology Associate
  • Adode Certfified Associate
  • MOS – Microsoft Office Specialist
  • ICDL – International Computer Driving License
  • Certificate in Records Management among others.

Career Opportunities
From our market driven programmes, our graduates have gone ahead to pursue careers in:

  • Technology management as senior IT managers, Chief Information Officers, ICT directors, Programme Officers in local and international NGOs, Network Engineers, System Administrators and Developers
  • Library managers as University Librarians, Registrars in tertiary institutions, Directors of information in the government and disciplined forces, Embassy and consular heads of information management
  • Researchers as Chief Knowledge Management experts in international Donor programmes, senior lecturers in academia, head of departments in international companies
  • Entrepreneurs as internally recognized consultants, solution providers in networking, information security analysts in Banks, software architects and developers in own companies

The faculty is at the heartbeat of the ICT industry in Kenya as demonstrated in the MoUs the faculty has with industry players such as:

  • iHUB,
  • Nailab,
  • IBM,
  • AITEC,
  • computer society of Kenya,
  • ICT Association of Kenya,
  • Orange Kenya Limited,
  • CISCO,
  • EC-Council,
  • TechnoBrain,
  • ESRI,
  • eMobilis,
  • FiO corporation (Canada),
  • INASP,
  • KLISC, among many others.

Over time the Faculty has also hosted various key players in the country such as Director General of Vision 2030 in the 4th Annual computer science open day, Web manager at ICT Authority, HR manager at Safaricom Kenya, business manager at Seven Seas technologies group, etc all who have addressed our students and kept them abreast with what is happening in the ICT field.

We have two broad specializations in Computer Science and Information Science

Computer Science
This department offers the following academic programmes:
-    Msc Computer information Systems  This is applied computer science at post graduate level for those with an undergraduate background in IT. We have specialization is Information Security, Information systems management, Networking and Data Science (Business Intelligence)
-    Master of Information Management  This is a conversion course for those already working in IT related tasks (within any sector) although their undergraduate degrees are not IT.
-    BBIT – this course blends Information technology and business knowledge leading to a graduate who is able to apply the strong IT skills in a business environment.
-    BSc. CIS (Computer Information Systems) is an innovative applied computer science programme that not only teaches students on the core computer science courses but also takes an application perspective
-    Diplomas in business IT and computer science are also available

Information Science
This department offers the following academic programmes:
-    Master of Information Science this is an advanced post graduate course in information sciences that trains a 21st century knowledge manager in specializations that include ICT, Records management, Library and Information science.
-    BSc, Information Science  this is an innovative programme whose strength is the application focus and specializations that are inter-disciplinary in nature. Communication and mass media, ICT, records and archives management, logistics, library science and knowledge management are some specializations you find in this programme
-    Diploma and certificate courses are also available.

The faculty has a great team of staff to support the learners. These include Professors in respective disciplines, Senior Lecturers, Lecturers and Technicians who guide and hand-hold our learners in the practical sessions during their studies. The various staff members are actively involved in various professional activities in the society. They have served as lead consultants in multi-million ERP systems implementations, curriculum design and review for the government and various universities, consultants in county government projects, etc. They also server in various capacities such as members of governing Boards, active members of professional societies and associations such as IEEE, CSK, ICTAK, KLISC- Kenya Library & Information Services Consortium, KARMA- Kenya Association of Records Managers and Archivists, KLA - Kenya Library Association  (now Kenya Association of Library and Information Professionals), etc