Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development

The Directorate of Quality Assurance and Curriculum Development (DQACD) works to nsure that the total quality management procedures, policies and structures, within the university, are adhered to.
The DQACD strives to ensure that the implementation of quality curricula and the production of quality graduates is key within the University. The University employs a multi disciplinary approach in the Curriculum Development and Implementation, by embracing core elements of internal and external quality assurance systems. Notably, the Directorate ensures that curricula are developed and implemented taking into account the following:

  1. Society and industry needs – embedding employability into the curriculum. KeMU programmes are developed following comprehensive needs assessment in which information on the need for the programmes are collected from various key stakeholders, including academicians and practitioners in the relevant disciplines.
  2. Accreditation processes and procedures by the Commission for the University Education and regulatory bodies.
  3. Embracing the curriculum international best practices.
  4. Adherence to student admission criteria.
  5. Customer care services.
  6. Faculty training and development.
  7. Provision of adequate physical and human resources.
  8. Building Quality Improvement Culture (QIC).
  9. Quality teaching and learning through continuous evaluation.
  10. Balancing theory and practice to grow practical skills.
  11. Quality supervision and student mentoring.
  12. Exchange programmes to enhance experiences (Faculty and Staff).
  13. Provision of a conducive learning environment
  14. Evaluation of academic programmes
  15. Review of students’ academic performance

It is the focus of the Directorate is to produce globally competitive and quality graduates.