Marketing & Recruitment

The Department of Marketing and Student Recruitment is responsible for various university-wide services aimed at ensuring pro-active marketing and publicity activities for students’ enrollment growth and retention as well as to build and sustain the university visibility and positive corporate image in the Market.
It has a strategic and operational responsibility as the University’s brand champion to deliver effective marketing communications in line with brand identity, values and key marketing messages to all the stakeholders.
These responsibilities though not exhaustive include:

  • Develop and deploy an Integrated Marketing strategy,
  • Developing communications and promotional campaigns materials,
  • Conducting studies of the needs, perceptions, preferences and satisfaction of particular markets,
  • Preparation of data on particular market’s size, segments, trends and behavioural dynamics.
  • Implement Brand Identity Program for the University
  • Planning, Coordinating and managing PR and major event activities e.g. graduations and exhibitions
  • Advising potential and existing students on career options
  • Handling of potential and existing students complaints
  • Act as the Media Liaison between the University and the Media