Registrar - Academic


The Academic Registrar’s Office is the steward of student data, academic systems, and provides service to all faculty, students, administrators, and alumni.

By managing the academic activities of all students, the Academic Registrar supports the instructional and student progress endeavors by supervising registration and the evaluation of transfer credit, maintain student academic records and record grades, issue transcripts, verify enrollment and graduation, issue diplomas, assign classrooms, produce the class schedule, schedule final examinations, and other related functions.

Additionally, the office also assists the deans and other administrative offices in their service, which helps build on a sense of community within the institution.

It is the desire of the office to provide academic support services in a prompt, accurate, and friendly manner.

Services include

  • Registration
  • Schedule of Classes
  • Graduation Information
  • Transfer Processes (Credits, learning institutions)
  • Class loading
  • Add and Drop
  • Student Identification Cards
  • Exam Cards
  • Clearing processes
  • Official Transcripts
  • Vice Chancellors Role of Honour
  • Deans Commendation