The theme of the discourse was "The role of the youth in maintaining peace during and after elections". Many issues were discussed, such as do we really think the youth will take part in any violence, what can we do to promote the opposite of violence, what should we use as the basis of our voting, how to vote, preserving Kenya before and after elections and much much more.

PLO Lumumba spoke words of wisdom, he preached to our minds and awoke our spirits; reminding us that Kenya is bigger than all of us, reminding us that our future and that of our country lies in our hands and votes. He explicitly warned us that we need to make our voices heard and that when it comes to the time of voting we really need to make informed decisions and remember that voting for our 'clansmen' or 'tribesman' will not improve our lives because we come from the same place or tribe, so we should vote not on the basis of ethnicity, tribe or clan but rather their policies and their plans for a better Kenya despite where they are from. Kenya is wealthy in terms of its location, the agriculture, the diversity, the education, the culture and so much more but more importantly, God is bigger than us all.

The discourse then followed after his powerful message; where students were free to pose questions to PLO, our acting Vice Chancellor, and our other guests. It was an exciting and interactive session that proved to be very informative.

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