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The Department of Health Systems and Management and Medical Education (HSM&ME) is dedicated to training and inspiring the next generation of health systems managers in Kenya and beyond. Our students and faculty are keen on making the world a better place by improving health systems.  We work on finding solutions to key challenges in the health systems from development an effective and productive human resources for health, improving leadership and governance for a more efficient and effective delivery of health care services, improving performance of entire health system and to health financing and equity in the health systems.  Our programs are demand driven and are designed to address the current needs of the health systems.

Our focus is to help students develop problem-solutions skills that are need to address the various health management challenges and strengthen the health systems. Out training programs emphasis on developing the critical thinking and finding solutions to existing challenges.

All our students have prior sufficient health related working experience which makes learning more practical with sharing of experiences and insights among students in and outside classroom.Our students come from mainly Kenya and region. The students are academically engaged and accomplished to learn skills on how to manage the health systems better.

We believe in creating linkages outside classroom as part of our education curriculum. We have ties with various health institutions, health policymakers and practitioners who provide students with opportunities to apply classroom learning to real world, health management, and policy problems in Kenya.

E-Learning Assignments

Starting 1st trimester 2015, students in the BSc HSM & MSc HSM programmes in all modes of study will be able to access their notes & assignments ONLINE vie the KeMU E-Learning Portal.

Students should first ensure they have activated their E-Learning accounts by visiting the Student Portal at, logging in & activate your E-Learning account via the "ACCESS E-LEARNING" link.

From there, students will be able to access the E-Learning materials with the same username and password as on the Student Portal.

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